November 02, 2016

Why You Need THREE Strategies to Beat Your Bad Habits!

Want to win the battle against your cravings and bad behaviours?


Then you need to know there are three very distinct times in your daily and weekly life that cause you to face very different struggles. This is because your life is very different at these times and so are your habits.

And, it’s your habits that lead you to your bad behaviours! It’s never just that a behavior or craving lives inside your brain and comes out all on its own. You always have these little habits that lead up to your behaviours.

So, once you understand that the different parts of your day or week affect your mentality differently, you can better prepare yourself to combat the cravings and the poor habits and behaviors that you face at these times.

Here are the THREE distinct parts of the week that most people need to strategize around.

(Of course, before you get right into them, remember that you need to call out your weaknesses. What are your issues? Are you an overeater or late night eater? Do you skip the gym when you know you shouldn’t? Identify the biggest tar pits and traps you fall into that prevent you from succeeding.)

1. Work

When you’re at work, and you’re productive and focused on getting things done, you usually don’t face the same challenges you do at other times of the day.

The challenges people usually face at work are:

  • being unprepared and not having your food ready,
  • eating whatever brought into work,
  • eating out at fast food places or somewhere you can grab a quick lunch, and/or
  • being so stressed and busy that you don’t eat at all.

2. Downtime

When you’re not in productivity-mode, it’s easy to fall into a lot of traps! (But, they’re different from the ones we fall into at work.) The traps we face during downtime are usually related to boredom, stress, or emotional issues. This is the time our brain takes over and we start to think about negative things, or we start to become bored.

So, when you’re bored, eating food makes you feel busy and productive. When you’re sad, eating food makes you feel a little bit happy. When you’re stressed, you’re in a place of disharmony, and eating the food makes you feel less stressed. And this is because we tend to gravitate toward trigger foods and craving-based foods, which are typically high in sugar or fat. When you eat them, you release dopamine into the brain which makes you feel better.

3. The Weekend

Lastly, we have the weekend, when you’re completely free. So, there’s a lot of downtime combined the social pressures of going out and having fun, eating out with friends, maybe drinking a little bit too much…You get the idea. The weekend has its own set of traps that rarely occur at other times during the week and that you need to be aware of.

So, the whole point is that it’s a good first step to understand your basic weaknesses, and then to put in strategies to combat them. But once you’re getting good at that, then it’s time to go a layer deeper and say, “What are my challenges during work time? What are my challenges during my downtime, and what are my challenges during the weekend?”

Pick the worst offender in each of these categories and figure out a way to plan and strategize your way around it! If you get that down, move onto the next, and the next, and the next…


To change your health and body, you need to face and strategize around your biggest weaknesses a little bit differently depending on the time of day or week you’re in.

Look at the different parts of your day, and the different parts of your week—the specific challenges that you face at those times—and then start to build strategies to create better decisions, more resiliency, and better habits and behaviors at those times.

If you follow this little tip, it’ll help you get more self-control, and build a better food relationship, and the small positive changes you make over time will really add up as well.

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