June 07, 2016


Friends. We all know what it feels like to get duped…

We’ve all been sucked in by some fancy marketing trickery at one time or another and purchased some crazy product when we had a problem we were desperate to solve.

In the dead of night and a moment of weakness, you bought
that ridiculous infomercial product, didn’t you? Me too… (And BTW, massage chairs just shake you until you have a massive headache, they don’t fix your back.)

Okay, so buyer beware and all that jazz. No real harm done. It happens.

But what about when an entire industry is trying to dupe you, and it’s actually causing harm to your mind, body, and spirit? Like, life altering damage to you and your loved ones that you can’t just send back for a full refund. What about that?

Would you want to know about it? Would you want someone to stand up and say something, to fight against it? Would you maybe even want to join the crusade?

Well, Hybrid is fighting a battle we thought you should know about. Actually, no, we’re waging war—against all of the BS in the health, fitness, and weight loss industry that’s wreaking havoc on the lives and health of people everywhere.

Because…unfortunately, this industry is riddled with lies and deception designed to keep you confused, and take your hard earned money without providing anything in return but more frustration and despair.

AND we’re
fed up and fired up!

Now, don’t get us wrong: there are
many well meaning and passionate professionals in the world of health and fitness (like us!) who are doing great things, but they are becoming increasingly difficult to hear and find amongst all of the frauds.

The weight loss industry in particular is becoming ever more motivated and driven by private companies (and their fitness cronies) who are looking to make a dollar off of our desperation to get fit.

Make no mistake, they have strategically created an industry that’s extremely confusing to navigate in order to provide the perfect opportunity to deploy millions of their ‘fitness’ representatives to take you down with their ongoing, bogus health solutions. It’s tactical brilliance at its finest and they’re making a fortune at the expense of your health!

Well, Hybrid believes it is high time for someone to step in to defend the online community from professionals and companies who selfishly sell magical solutions to the people who need help the most. A group of true professionals—experts who know what they’re doing—must come forward to expose the worst enemies among us.

So, Hybrid is officially throwing down the gauntlet.

AND we are ready to unleash the most powerful weapon in our arsenal to fight back—the truth!

Because it’s long past time the community had access to a resource that provides honest, straightforward health and fitness solutions that lead to long term, sustainable weight loss and increased health.

Here are the three ways Hybrid will lead the charge:

  1. We are going to continuously educate you on the positive and healthy steps you can use RIGHT NOW to change your life for the better.
  2. We are going to provide the truth about health and weight loss, based on scientific facts and evidence—whether that’s good for our bank account or not. We only want you to be healthy.
  3. We are going to call out the frauds, and surface the lies. Because we have your back.

No more pills, shakes, and potions. No more extreme dieting, or magical detox products. No more ‘super amazing fat burning workouts that will change your life in only 21 days’.

Enough is enough.

If you’d like to join us in our war against the opportunists in this industry who make a lot of money off our collective confusion, please read, discuss, share, and implement our information.

Because the truth can set us free.

AND, Hybrid truly believes that TOGETHER we can take back the power from those in the industry who are trying to exploit our desire to be happy, and win this war they’ve been waging on our health once and for all.

Here’s to victory!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for our next blog,

Tommy and the Hybrid Team

P.S. We at Hybrid are guilty of buying
Shake Weights, hula hoops, and…um…possibly, maybe even the Flowbee (for after workout beauty)—you know, back in the day.

Tell us in the comments below
, what dubiously marketed products have you purchased? 

Good thing we have each other now and we can face the shame together. 😆