Virtual Fitness

For Just $1 Per Day, You’re On Your Way!

During these strange COVID times, staying fit and healthy is of utmost importance. So is feeling great in body and mind! At Hybrid, we want you to be able to stay well, no matter your circumstances. We understand not everyone should come into the gym or feels comfortable doing so. That’s why we’ve created our new and affordable Hybrid Virtual Gym Program—so you can get that boost of exercise happiness and all its health benefits from the comfort and safety of your own home.

The Details!

For only $30/month you get full access to the following butt-kicking, stress-busting, mind-inspiring, heart-helping classes:

Daily Strength Class (30-40 min)

Daily Sweat/HIIT Class (20-30 min)

Yoga 3 Days per Week

Spin 3 Days per Week*

 Pop-Up Kickboxing and Recovery Ride Q and A with Tommy

Unlimited Support via the Group Facebook Page

*All live and pre-recorded videos will be delivered within our private Facebook group. Team SPIN classes will be delivered via Zoom.

Want Even More Support?

Those of you who’d like some extra support and accountability might prefer our Virtual Gym Plus option. It’s $100 per month and comes with all the bells and whistles including nutrition support and personal coaching. It includes:

Full access to virtual gym classes

 Your very own coach

Custom diet and exercise guidance with frequent updates

Unlimited support and custom contact through Trainerize app