October 05, 2016

The Simple Trick to Controlling Your Cravings

You know that horrible feeling you get when that little devil gets up on your shoulder, takes over your brain, and will not stop talking until you’ve devoured that bag of chips or chocolaty treats?

Well, have you ever wondered
why your cravings for fat and sweet are so intense?

Think you’re the only one who gets them? Nope. You’re not.


It may surprise you but there’s a biological reason your cravings are so strong…

But the good news is there’s also a way to beat out nature and lessen those cravings, lessen the intensity, lessen the frequency, and start to take back control of your cravings and habits.

First, what’s the deal with cravings?

Sweet craving and fat cravings are two very, very primal cravings we have. We call them primal because these are the cravings that were developed into the brain millions of years ago to help us find high-energy foods when we didn’t know where our next meal was coming from.

Back in the day sweet and fatty foods were hard to find, and foods like fruit weren’t sweet like they are today. So our brain had to come up with this very, very strong, intense craving mechanism to get us to find the high-energy foods that would keep us alive for another day or another week or another month.

But today we live in the modern world where food is at arm’s reach all the time. The thing is, our brains don’t know this and still operate the way they always have, which equals trouble for our health and waistlines.

Now that you know you know why you have such bad cravings, is there any hope?


The problem with cravings is that when we have them, we usually give in and eat the worst food possible. So when you crave sweet, you usually eat the food that has a very high sugar content such as chocolate or candy. When you crave fat, you go for that fast food burger or something deep fried.

But what happens inside of your brain when you give in is that you reward your brain at a very high level.

And just like a drug addict requires more and more drug to get the same fix, in order for your brain to feel satisfied the next time around when it gives you a craving, you need to take in more sugar or more fat than you did before. And, this is when people get into big trouble.

Here’s what you need to do instead:
Give yourself foods that have some of that thing your body and brain are asking for without all the consequence.

For instance, when you’re craving something sweet, you can have something like fruit and a little bit of nuts because it gives you that chewy nougaty taste that people like in things like chocolate bars and gives you a little bit of sweet from the berries. Or if you’re craving fat, go for a lean cut of steak and some vegetables instead of the fast food burger because that’s going to give you some of the fat and some of the fullness you’re after.

In both these cases, the healthier alternative is going to satisfy your brain enough to back off on the craving you’re having. But it actually gets better than that!

…Because next time around instead of asking for more, your brain will do the opposite! Next time it’ll ask you for a lesser amount of sweet or fat, because you didn’t feed into that pure craving and your brain realizes “hey, I got what I needed with much, much less”.

What all of this means is that
you have control over making your cravings stronger, making them come more aggressively, making them harder to say no to, or taking control over your brain and getting it to ease off the intensity of the cravings.

It’s up to you to decide which side of your brain you feed!

And this is something that you need to understand if you want to control your cravings. If you feed into them in the worst way, you make them stronger. If you feed into them in the healthiest way, you make them weaker!


When it comes to the cravings that seem to control your mind and body, you actually have more control that you think. So think about that when you’re making your food decisions. Next time one of those horrible cravings rears its ugly head, put up a fight and eat something that makes you feel satisfied, but that’s a little bit healthier with less sugar and less fat. This will signal your brain to back off and also to ask for less of a fix the next time. So give it a try and take back control of your brain and your cravings once and for all!

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