Minette Klazinga (12 Week Transformation)

Rita & Brooke’s 12 week transformation program at Hybrid Fitness Centre completely changed my life; while this sounds a bit dramatic, for me it has truly been a case of a complete transformation. I started the first round of transformation in January 2013. In the first 12 weeks of the program, Rita taught me how to rethink food – she took the guess work/anxiety out of the equation and provided me with food choices that were sustainable in the long haul and also completely delicious, which was important to a foodie like me. Brooke taught me how to work out effectively, safely and to still have fun with it while working really hard. I often questioned my ability to do the exercises and Brooke was there cheering me on, teaching me correct form, and showing me that I could do it and pushing me to be my best!

With only 3 hours per week at the gym, Brooke has helped me achieve some truly amazing fat loss and strength results; I could not be more thrilled! On top of the food and exercise guidance, together these women have also taught me a lot about emotional wellbeing and self-confidence – I literally feel like a new person, mind, body and soul.

Now, lets’ talk results. I decided to do two rounds of the program (since I loved it so much!). In my first 12 weeks, I lost 21.8 lbs, 26.8 inches, and 6.42% body fat. In my second round, I lost 21.4 lbs, 21.5 inches, and 5.5% body fat. I’ve lost 43.2lbs, 48 inches, and 12% body fat…amazing! The combination of what is provided through the program (nutritional guidance, workouts, and emotional support) is a perfect mix to get you the results you’ve always wanted; you have no reason to fail at this if you’re ready to get to work. Thank-you to Rita, Brooke, Hybrid Fitness, and all of the ladies who came through the program with me – my life is forever changed in the best possible way thanks to you!

Lisa Wagstaff (12 Week Transformation)

Having been a member at Hybrid since day one, I was very familiar with the gym and an avid gym goer. I attended several Strength & Conditioning classes weekly, but I always seemed to avoid “conditioning day”. Tommy would always say, “You NEED conditioning for fat loss”. My personal strength had continually increased over the years, but there was still something missing…fat loss. This became a new goal of mine.

Rita’s program came at the perfect time for me. It was a perfect time to focus just on fat loss, while maintaining my strength. Entering this new lifestyle of eating more often and eating more fat was a new concept. Really, eat more fat to lose fat? YES!! It worked. My conditioning workouts were being fueled by the extra meals and fat I was eating. Conditioning has become a regular part of my lifestyle and I look forward to a good a$$ kicking with Brooke! I feel amazing when I step foot into the gym and a huge adrenaline rush afterwards.

Hybrid is a family. It’s a gym where you’re not just a number…everyone knows your name. Everyone wants to see you succeed and you will, no matter what your goals may be. I love my gym fam! <3

Tessa Tattersall (Weight Loss)

My name is Tessa Tattersall I started my journey at Hybrid Fitness in September when I signed up for the 12 Week Transformation Program. I had made the decision to join the program and start working out at Hybrid when my weight got to its all time high after the death of my mother. I spent a year after her death trying so hard on my own to lose weight and stay on a constant workout regimen. Doing it on my own left me unsuccessful and feeling defeated and depressed even more than I already was.

Joining this program and working out at Hybrid was the best thing I have ever done! I now have a body that is becoming as strong as my heart and spirit. In the 12 Week Program I managed to drop 13.5 lbs, 16.5 inches and 8% body fat. Since the end of the program I have gone on to have Brooke Sullivan as my personal trainer and she pushes me to new levels in my fitness and strength. I have now changed my focus as well. It’s not so much about being a certain weight or size for me anymore, now I am more focused strength and my overall fitness. I want my body to show how hard I work at living my best life. There was a quote that I put up in my house when I started this journey and it’s still how I see myself: “I’m now a size awesome!!”
Brent MacLachlan (Olympic Weightlifting)

Before coming to Hybrid I was just a casual weightlifter, CrossFit type… big fish in a small pond, and needed a new challenge. Now I’m the proud owner of a gangster yellow singlet, going to the Ontario Weightlifting Championships (and probably Nationals), and I’m getting stronger and better every week. I wouldn’t be the lifter that I am today without Dave Earle’s vigilant tutelage, and inspiring motivational wisdom to “Finish!” or “Be better!” There is a great community there, we have a lot of fun, and we work hard.

Kim Woods (Weight Loss)

It will be a year today since I decided to improve my overall health. In December of 2012 I saw a photo that was taken of me at the Hybrid Team Challenge…shock doesn’t describe how I felt seeing that photo! Hybrid Fitness offered a Ladies Only Transformation Program and I knew that this was what I needed! I signed up immediately!

The program was motivating and supportive from the start. Coaches provided us with food guidelines to help fuel our bodies and lose weight and inches and planned and coached challenging strength and conditioning workouts. They may have been difficult, but they pushed me knowing I could do it! Coach Brooke’s smile was always encouraging!

During the 12 Week Program I managed to lose 29 pounds and 39 inches. The program gave me the knowledge to lead a healthy lifestyle, and although it has ended, this knowledge has given me the opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you to Tommy and the coaching staff for your continued support at Hybrid Fitness Centre.

Cheers to my new goals for 2014!

Ashley Fisher (Personal Training)

I came to Hybrid in January 2013. I had never been so out of shape, but my skating involvement had ended 1.5 years prior and I was three years into a high stress, sedentary office job. This had seemingly worsened several mobility and lower body issues sustained over the years. I had known for years that in order to reach my career goals of becoming a law enforcement officer I would have to drastically change things and it was finally time to commit to that pattern of change. At this time, I searched for the only trainer that had helped me in previous years; Tommy Caldwell. I came into the gym, was assessed and was placed with my awesome first trainer. She helped reassure me, begin a completely new fitness regime and to begin building my overall strength. It was during these first few months that I noticed just how weak, hyper mobile and out of shape I had become.

After a few months I was then placed with my [current] amazing trainer, Morgan Hall. With her assistance, knowledge and guidance, as well as the other amazing staff at Hybrid Fitness, I have been able to move past my lower body restrictions, have been able to run without pain for the first time in years, have improved my body composition and improved my overall movement patterns. I honestly believe that without Morgan and the wonderful staff at Hybrid I would not be where I am now; just one year later. While I continue to work on my mobility, strength, nutrition, body composition and especially my cardio endurance, I know that with the support, encouragement, knowledge and guidance of Morgan Hall, the Hybrid training staff and even fellow gym peers, I will be able to reach my personal goals this year and continue to move forward.

Janice Walter (Weight Loss)

Hybrid Fitness has changed my life!

As the summer of 2013 start to wind down I started thinking again about what I would do for my fitness goals for the fall. I have belonged to 2 gyms over the years and I knew I didn’t want to go back to them only to spend countless hours on a treadmill or elliptical or bouncing around a class that would raise my heart rate but not really produce the results I was looking for.

I was looking for a place, a person, a program that would teach me how to develop by body and muscles in a meaningful, different and permanent way! What did it mean to develop my core? I wasn’t sure but I wanted to know and I wanted that for me! I also needed to be in a place that would be supportive, accommodate a physical challenge (reconstructed knee) but would still push and teach me new things! Now, I am not telling you how old I am but I have been to enough gyms and have tried enough weight loss programs to know that I don’t want to spend the rest of my life counting calories or points or steps… I just want to live a good and healthy lifestyle.

I wanted to be challenged and I wanted to be healthier and stronger than I’ve ever been!
And then I found Hybrid!!! A friend told me about the 12 Week Transformation Program and took me to Hybrid for a trial class. It didn’t take me long to decide that this place is exactly what I was looking for!

I joined the 12 Week Program on Sept. 9, 2013. The day after my birthday – a gift to myself – a gift that has changed my life completely!

I knew going into the gym that it would be hard work however, I never ever dreamed I could do half the things I am now capable of doing! If someone had told me I could do 21 chin ups, or a wall walks or push a prowler with 75lbs or doing a tabata of pressing weights, rope slams, sit ups and bench presses – I would never have believed them! But now…I can do all of that and a whole lot more! Sure, we all started out a bit slow and struggling but it is amazing how quickly you develop muscles and strengths you didn’t know you had! And always there is your amazing coach encouraging and pushing you to achieve!

I remember in the beginning one of the other ladies said to me, “How can they do that (pulling weighted sleds and planks)?” and I said, “They’re in their 20s”. But now I can do all that – just like the girls 20 year younger than me!

With the nutritional coaching provided, I now know how to properly nourish my body and still enjoy delicious foods that I don’t have to ‘count’ or deprive myself from! I have learned so much about eating ‘clean’, what to eat when for my body needs and how to live a healthy lifestyle without starving! And the quietly added bonus is – I don’t even miss foods that I use to eat and who knew I would love things like almond milk or that I would be eating pancakes that only have one tbsp. of coconut flour in them (and I am full from 2 mid size pancakes!). I even make brownies with icing (from dates)!
Six weeks into the program I had already gone down one pant size and I could feel the change in my body, my health, my confidence, my energy, my skin and my over outlook on life and who I am! At the end of the 12 week program I lost an amazing 27.4 lbs and a total of 24.5 inches off my body! As I continue my new lifestyle I have lost another 9.8 lbs for a total of 37.2 lbs all while building muscle, strength and endurance! I truly am transformed!

The end of the 12 week program doesn’t mean that it all comes to and end…the 12 week program has catapulted me into my new life! I, along with a fantastic core group of women who have been on this amazing journey with me, continue to come to Hybrid at least 3 times a week to the Women’s Only class. Along with my coach, they are a big part of my biggest supporters – they encourage and inspire me, support and motivate me! We all have our favorite (weighted arm tabata) and least favorite (mountain climbers) workouts, we cheer each other on as we struggle to hold on for 30 second body weight hangs and we make each other laugh at how we would modify the workout if the coach wasn’t watching!

There is a slogan and Hybrid that says “Welcome to the Family” and that is exactly what it is like at Hybrid – my second family! They care about me, they care about what I’m doing, they care about my health, my fitness, my well being, my goals and my fears (chin ups)! I am genuinely blessed to have Hybrid and all the amazing people I have meet there in my life. I can’t imagine life without them now!

Thank you, Hybrid.

Gordon Hicks (CrossFit)

In 2011, I weighed 225 pounds and was in the worst shape of my life. I tried the corporate gyms, and although I lost weight, I never really felt fit. I participated in other programs that were OK, but once I arrived at Hybrid Fitness Centre, I found myself being challenged on a different level. Coaches and staff are always there to teach and motivate, bringing expertise in gymnastics, weight lifting, mobility with a focus on excellent technique and form. The class structure constantly challenges you. When I first began CrossFitting, my goal was just to keep fit. Since joining Crossfit Hybrid Competitive, I am aiming even higher – I have gone from just completing the workouts, to competing in them at a high level. In February 2014, I entered the competitive division in a Master’s competition against some of Ontario’s top crossfitters. With preparation from my coaches, I completed and feel I am within reps of breaking through and competing with these athletes.

Emma Waith (Strength & Conditioning)

Almost two years ago, my fiance Matt found a groupon to Hybrid and since we both enjoyed working out and being active but didn’t really have experience with lifting weights, we thought we’d give it a try. Basically after 3 classes we knew there was no turning back.

Hybrid, to us, is like walking into your relative’s home. The staff and coaches are all amazing people who are committed to making the members stronger, but also always keeping them safe from injuries. Matt is missing part of his collar bone and each coach has been awesome for helping him strengthen and accommodate him in any struggles. In fact, coach Merritt was upset that she didn’t know earlier about his issue so she could help him more specifically.

Another reason Hybrid feels like family is the members themselves. Everyone is so encouraging and friendly. We’ve made some really good friends and there is always someone there to chat with our ask for a spot.

We are both confident in lifting weights we never thought possible and learn new exercises everyday. We get the opportunity to go to Olympic Weightlifting as well and learn lifts like Snatch and Clean that I really didn’t even know existed that I now love! Hybrid has also encouraged us to make healthier life choices in our diets.

We are so thankful to Hybrid for providing such an amazing place to improve our lives.
Thank you Hybrid, we love you!

Jason Weitzel (Strength & Conditioning)

I am honoured to be one of the Hybrid Fitness success stories. I am at my best physical condition in over 14 years because of the Hybrid Fitness team. To understand how I got here you need to know my personal journey.

From 1999 – 2001, I had experienced injuries from three rear ending car accidents. When the first accident happened in 1999, I had been in the best physical condition of my life, 165 lbs, lean body fat and was preparing for my first novice bodybuilding show that I dropped out of due to the injuries I sustained. I was able to manage my injuries without being medicated until the third accident in 2001 and I began to accept what I was being told by the medical specialists that I’d be dependent on Morphine for the remainder of my life. After four years my daily doses of Morphine had increased to 400 mg. The side effects were various and at times debilitating to my daily life.

Being unsatisfied with my medical state and my doctor’s diagnoses, I sought out advice from fitness professionals, gyms, various health professionals and healthy eating theories. In 2005, I personally decided to wean myself off Morphine against my medical specialist’s advice. It took eleven months total to be medication free! During this time I worked out, but wasn’t able to work out hard.

One of the worst outcomes of this was my body’s transformation from 165 lbs to 215 lbs in an unhealthy way. No matter what I tried and whose help I sought out, my weight was consistent at 215 lbs for over a decade. When Tommy opened the doors to Hybrid Fitness Centre, I joined and weighed 215 lbs and was over 35% body fat.

By February 2013, I had begun to see a significant decrease in my weight. I have been at 175 lbs and 17% body fat now for over 8 months and my strength has increased steadily. I feel my goal of being under 190 pounds, physically and mentally healthy would have never been attainable without Tommy, his superior coaches and staff’s knowledge, support, caring and encouragement.

In September 2013, I was rear ended in a 4th car accident, however, I feel my recovery would not have been as quick without the specialized training and mobility from the Hybrid Fitness Team. They helped me grow in more ways than I could ever have imagined. I can’t put into words what it means to have regained and improved my overall health, my body image, and developed so many lifelong relationships with not only the staff at Hybrid, but the members also.

If I could recommend one thing to you if you’re considering joining a gym is don’t wait one more day, get in here to the Hybrid Fitness and not only meet your personal health goals but join a family of people who want to see you excel to your full potential! If I can do it, you can too.

Tina Yee (Olympic Weightlifting / CrossFit)

I met Coach Merritt in the summer of 2011. She was my Crossfit bootcamp coach. My background in athletics was… let’s just say non-existent. I had just gotten into a regular consistent routine at the local gym and was pressured into trying something new from my cousin S.

Skip ahead roughly 2 years later, as fate would allow I reunited with Coach Merritt at Hybrid Fitness Centre. I was so nervous and didn’t know anyone. I mean, I knew of people but none of my friends were there. I had already had my assessment 2 months prior and literally took that much time to actually go for my first class.

I remember it like it was yesterday… actually, #betterthanyesterday. I didn’t talk to anyone except Merritt for about a month. Every one there, the coaches, the members, the employees were so friendly and welcoming to me. It didn’t take long for me to open up and allow the community to get to know me. Now, some will say I won’t shut up. It’s funny how life can lead you into all of these different directions. I started with the Hybrid Competitive Crossfit program, which I LOVE. You never feel like you’ve wasted an hour working out. Coach Merritt and Coach Luke go through skills, strength, conditioning, mobility and everything else in between. I was constantly improving and getting stronger and I felt like a new person. In my 29 years, I finally felt confident and started goal setting in fitness. I was always the kid that was chosen last in sports, but first in moving desks back to order? I’ve said this numerous times before, but one of my favourite memories of being part of the Hybrid Competitive Crossfit team was when Coach Merritt and my friends Andrew and Melissa, encouraged me to try Olympic Weightlifting. I mean, I’ve always been strong, c’mon look at me. But never thought I could compete in something like this because I had always done it just for fun. Again, fate would have it that Hybrid just hired an Olympic Weightlifting coach. And that’s it. Just kidding…

I was raised believing that ‘women shouldn’t lift weights’. I carried that mantra for a long time and to this day still debate with people about women who lift. I was so scared to try and be different. Being at Hybrid Fitness, you are surrounded by strong and fit women every day. I admire every one that is not afraid to just try and do something they never thought they could. All it took for me is a few good people to convince me to just try it. And I have never looked back. I am so glad I did because at my very first weightlifting competition, I placed first. A memory that will forever be etched in my heart. I have never been so proud of myself. And I have never had so many people be proud of me.

Now, being a part of Hybrid’s Olympic Weightlifting team has taught me to push myself. Even though, some would argue (Coach Dave) that I don’t use my mental strength during training as I do in competing. That is true. But I am a lot better now than I was when I first started. That’s the beauty of this wonderful community. No one expects you to be perfect, all of the time. What you do is keep reaching for those goals, never give up because they won’t give up on you, and just be happy with whatever you are doing.

A lesson in weightlifting that I have learned is that you are always trying to reach for that perfect technique or form. It just doesn’t stop when you reach a certain weight. You have to work hard and not only be physically ready but mentally and emotionally too. I have to do a lot of self-talk and really listen to Coach Dave and my fellow team to believe in myself and to see my potential. Something I need to work on every day. This goal of being positive is one of the hardest things I have to deal with. I find comfort in knowing that the coaches, athletes, and the Hybrid community see something in me, that I have trouble seeing in myself. You don’t come across family like this every day, especially at a gym. Trust me, I’ve been to a few. Thank you to Hybrid for giving me a chance to do things I never thought I could. For being a support system I never thought there was. And for showing us through role-modelling that we are all different but we all aim to be #betterthanyesterday.