August 03, 2023

Resistance Training is Critical For Success

To get into great shape, you must perform resistance training. In fact, strength and muscle gain is the baseline for improvement in all other health metrics.

First, the stronger you are, the greater your exercise output. That means higher work capacity, more significant caloric burn, and better intensity within each workout.

Second, more muscle mass = increased baseline caloric burn (especially while at rest), improved insulin sensitivity (better control/disposal of blood sugar), and a body that is more forgiving of poor food choices.

Finally, strength = resistance or injury. Metrics like grip strength and muscle mass are the greatest predictors of healthy aging and length of life. That wasn’t a typo. GRIP STRENGTH AND MUSCLE MASS ARE THE GREATEST PREDICTORS OF HEALTHY AGING AND LENGTH OF LIFE.

High and low-intensity cardio have their places and benefits in a well-rounded exercise routine, but they shouldn’t be the center of your movement practice. Most people obsess over intense cardio because it “feels” as though it’s effective. Burning lungs and burning muscles leave no question that you’re working hard. While the psychological effects of hard cardio are unquestionably beneficial, the physical benefits are less significant if a strong resistance training base is absent.


How to implement resistance training