October 01, 2017

October 2017 Newsletter

Ready for the news?

…Because a lot’s been going on here at Hybrid, and there’s even more coming up in October.

Just click the video above to hear all about it.

Here’s a quick written recap too:

  1. Welcome to Kira, Hybrid’s new RMT. If you see Kira at the gym, be sure to say hi. If you’d like to book a massage with either of our RMTs go here: calendly.com/hybrid_rmt.
  2. The CrossFit Team Series. Participants in teams of two battled through eight workouts over two weekends for no good reason at all. That’s right, they tortured themselves for mere bragging rights. Our hats are off to all the teams and we with them luck with the final batch of workouts. Stay tuned to see how the battle between Team Loggert, Team Keerdan, and Team O’Bowman turns out.
  3. The Hybrid Open. Each fall Hybrid kicks-off Weightlifting season in style with the Hybrid Open, our annual Weightlifting competition. This friendly competition is OWA-sanctioned, meaning lifters hoping to qualify for Provincials or Nationals can do so. But it’s also a great competition for newcomers to the sport. If you’ve been working on your Oly, even if you’re a beginner, come and lift at the Hybrid Open. We’ll hook you up with a Hybrid coach to get you through the ins-and-outs of competition and it will be a great time. There are still a few spots left so be sure to register.  We’ve set-up a Facebook page, but remember to head to the link on that page to pay for your spot and secure your place! 
  4. Heavy Brain: How Controlling Your Mind Can Change Your Health. Feedback from participants who took part in Tommy’s Heavy Brain seminar has been great. people met for a full day workshop of education, interaction, and self-exploration into the underlying issues preventing them from getting where they wish to be in health and fitness. And each person created a step-by-step plan to overcome their personal barriers.
  5. Thank you, Ian! If you used a towel in September you will not see a bill this month. That’s because Hybrid member Ian Dowding has picked up your tab.
  6. FREE Massages on October 14th. Come on out to Hybrid between 10:30 and 2:00 pm. Fanshawe Students will be all set up to provide 30 minutes massages. More details to come. 😊

Have a wonderful October everyone!