March 01, 2017

March 2017 Newsletter

I’ll get right to the point. We had fantastic time at Hybrid in February!

Ready for a recap of the highlights? Just click on the video above and find out everything. We’ll also tell you a bit about what’s coming up in March.

Here’s a quick written recap too:

  • We were concerned we’d lost coach Travelling Tony forever, but we are pleased to announce he will be returning from his adventures after all. Thank goodness. Not only did we miss his motivational coaching, but the long distance was taking a toll on Tony and Keegan’s bromance.
  • Coach Dave (Massage Therapist Extraordinaire) has launched a brand new online booking service. So, if you’re in need of a massage, be sure to check out the vid for details.
  • Thanks for all the referrals you’ve submitted to our referral contest. Just a reminder the first quarterly prize, a $500 Amazon gift card, will be drawn April 1. If you haven’t referred anyone yet but would like to get in on this, there’s still time. 
  • The CrossFit Open is on! Participants at Hybrid completed 17.1 this past weekend. It was tough but you did it. Now it’s time to start getting pumped for 17.2.
  • Transformation Campers enjoyed a field trip to Farm Boy with Tommy and Natalie on February 25th , where they learned all about how to read labels, pick out good food options, and much more.
  • Finally, in response to overwhelming demand, we’re beefing up our Facebook page with more recipes and videos for you to enjoy. So, if you don’t follow our page yet, do it!