June 01, 2017

June 2017 Newsletter

It’s officially June at Hybrid Fitness (okay…and everywhere else too).

…And it’s great to be running outside again and feeling that breeze blowing in from outdoors as we work out. Don’t you think?

Ready to hear about all the exciting things that happened at Hybrid in May and find out about the events you’ll absolutely want to attend in June?

Well, just click on the video above!

Here’s a quick written recap too:

  • Our Senior Weightlifters trained hard and did a great job at Nationals. Morgan went 6/6, with a 4kg PR total and Laura found herself in a four-way tie for second before taking home Bronze. As with all good competitions, there was some struggle. Brent, was forced to pull out of the competition due to a back injury; Justin struggled with his snatch, settling for just his opening number, but came back and went 2 for 3 on the Clean and Jerk; and Marie-Eve hit an impressive 100kg Snatch, but in the process aggravated an old back injury. She decided to play it safe on the Clean and Jerks, finishing with a Silver medal. We’ll have to wait for the Pan American Championships to see what she can really do!
  • Our CrossFit community has a new logo. Thanks so much for all the designs you submitted, and congrats to coach Brent MacLaughlan for the winning design. With a new name and logo, all we need now is a throwdown.
  • Did someone say THROWDOWN? The Throwdown at 1175 event will take place on June 24th ! If you haven’t signed up yet (or for more info), head on over to the CrossFit 1175 Facebook page. To get in on the action, click the ‘Sign up Now!’ post. It’s going to be a ton of fun, with over $2500 in cash and prizes.
  • Coach Leigh has been causing some problems here at Hybrid. Specifically, he keeps breaking things when he sits down. Leigh, stop it, okay? JUST STOP IT! You can lean against the racks or the walls, you can hold yourself up with the rings, or you can even lie down on the floor if you get tired. But for goodness sake, stop sitting on things like benches and chairs immediately. 
  • T-Campers have been sharing culinary delights. On May 28, Tommy and Natalie took the Transformation Camp group over to Growing Chefs @ Au Berge Restaurant where each person brought their own ingredients and created unique dishes to share. It was a fantastic event and participants left full of yummy, healthy food and new tools and information about cooking and ingredients. Even though what Tommy cooked for the group (chicken hearts) was classified by some as “interesting,” we can’t wait for another event.

That’s all for this month. Enjoy the warm weather everyone!