January 01, 2017

January 2017 Newsletter

It’s my privilege to welcome you to a brand, new year and give you your first instalment of the Hybrid Fitness newsletter.

What a year we had together at Hybrid in 2016 as we gained health, fitness, and friendship!

Thank you for being such an integral part of the Hybrid family. This gym is a truly inspiring, positive place where we see people crushing their goals and cheering one another on daily. Our community has grown so much we think it’s time to formally communicate what’s going on at the gym to make sure everyone’s in the loop and can participate. So, we’ll send you an email newsletter once a month to keep you up-to- date. 

Ready to find out the exciting events that will be happening at Hybrid in January?

Just click on the video above and Jordan will tell you all about it!

And, here’s a quick written recap too:

  • Please join us in welcoming our new coaches: Eric, Mike, Brent, Lindsay, and Sara!
  • We’ve colour coded the racks and bars, dividing the gym into four class sections, and linked this up with the class schedule.
  • We’ve added more Strength and Sweat, WOW, Gymnastics, and CrossFit classes!  
  • We have also staggered class times in the evening so there’s more space for everyone.
  • Open gym times have changed along with designated workout areas, and these will be noted within the schedule. If there is no class in operation in a designated area, that area will be open for anyone to use.
  • We have a new cleaning crew that will be working double time to make sure everything is sparkly clean within the facility. If you have any feedback, be sure to pass it along.
  • The Third Occasional Strength and Conditioning Challenge will be held on Saturday, January 28th ! If you’d like to participate: Make a team of four (or if you don’t have a full team, let our coaches know and we’ll find you a home)! Pick a team name Sign-up by emailing keegan@hybridfitness.ca. Get ready to have fun and take home some great prizes!  
  • The 2017 CrossFit Games (The CrossFit Open) will run from February 23rd to March 27th ! Coaches Keegan and Cheri are hard at work ramping up the CrossFit programming to get you ready. We’re continuing your Open skills development and moving into more Open-style metcons.
  • Just a friendly reminder that Hybrid’s Transformation Camp starts on January 9th . If you want to get in on this specialized and individualized 12-week weight loss program, email brittany@hybridfitness.ca.