March 18, 2021

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Signs of spring are beginning to show, and many people are preparing their return to normalcy. For some, this includes getting back to their second (or third, or fourth) home, the gym.

The return to organized fitness will be seemingly easy for a few while daunting for others. It may have taken you over a decade to gain the courage to step into your local gym. After the chaos of the last year, it may be easier for you to stay at home than step back into the fire of sweat, burning muscles, and occasional wheezing.

This is likely a bit of a paradox as we now realize how important our fitness is to our well-being. We’ve always known that even modest amounts of exercise result in greater longevity and help prevent all major diseases. Still, during times of COVID-19, it became impossible to sweep our lack of resilience under the rug.

If you are unfit, you will suffer.

But coming back to the gym doesn’t need to be frightening. You don’t need to relive the anxiety of your first ever gym visit. The mental barriers you are currently facing are the worst consequence of being away from your fitness facility, and most importantly, the fear isn’t real.

“I’ve lost all of my progress. It’ll take me forever to get back where I was!”

I’m sure you’ve heard the term ‘muscle memory’ before. While the term is overused and often misunderstood, there is truth to the concept that your body remembers what it is capable of and can return to its once fit state with expedience. The first few weeks of your triumphant return may come with a bit of suffering, but after you adjust back into your training, your progress will recover surprisingly quickly.

“The gym has become unsafe”

I’m certainly not going to debate the reality of the pandemic or the damage it has caused. My intent is not to minimize the seriousness of the past year. But gyms have been unfairly thrown under the bus due to the superficial perception of danger when exercising with other people.

Recreational Fitness- which includes gyms, arenas, youth sports, and community centres is still the lowest cause of known COVID outbreaks.

All highly publicized cases in Ontario- and studies that suggest group exercise is a hot-bed for the spread of COVID- have one thing in common: a highly concentrated environment, i.e., small studios with low ceiling heights and questionable ventilation. This is not the training environment for many fitness centres where outbreaks are incredibly low. For instance, at Hybrid Fitness, we have a 20,000 square foot space. 12,000 of those square feet are dedicated to a maximum of 25 members. Our ceilings are 20 feet high, we have 3 separate ventilation units, and our members have more space to themselves than any other indoor public establishment they can frequent. When comparing a studio to a giant training facility, we are not making an ‘apples to apples’ comparison. See the pictures below.

The Sardine Can of a Traditional Spin Studio (sorry, spinco)


The giant chasm that is the Hybrid Fitness main room. And this is only 60% of the space.

“I can just work out at home”

Here is a quote that I have found to be true: “Fitness is for Fit People.” It that much of what we see as traditional fitness does not account for the people who need it most. Fitness caters to fit people. This is something we strive to push back against at Hybrid.

What does that quote mean in the context of returning to the gym versus working out at home? Those who have successfully made the transition to exercising in their basement or garages never need the gym. The majority of this demographic was already fit, and the gym was a commodity to them, i.e., a place to workout’. The rest of us require the gym for accountability, community, technical guidance, and support. Not to mention the need for people to have contrast in their environments. Working from home has become a viable option; many people have lost the needed shift in daily environments: homelife, work-life, gym life, spiritual life, and so-on. Exercise mechanics can happen anywhere, but you need a dedicated environment to optimize your results if you’re in the majority.

I can’t decide if it’s time to come back to the gym or not for you. My goal is to show you that your return is going to be easier than you think. Establishments like ours are safe and effective, and at some point, we all need to get back to taking care of ourselves. This need is more evident than ever. If you’re local to the London area and you’d like to see what we’re all about and the lengths we go to to take care of our people, give us a shout. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have and showcase why we are leaders in the space of safe and effective fitness solutions.

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