February 01, 2017

February 2017 Newsletter

Wow, January flew by in a flash!

Ready for a recap of the highlights? Want to hear about the exciting events coming up at Hybrid in February? Well, you’re in luck…

Just click on the video above and find out everything.

Here’s a quick written recap too:


  • We’d like to extend a warm, family-style welcome to all the new members who joined Hybrid in January. It’s been great to see all the fresh new faces on the racks! We’re so happy you’re here. If you need anything at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to staff.
  • Please also join us in welcoming two new staff members:
    • Jenn is a new Member Ambassador who you’ll see at the front desk, and
    • Lindsay is a Program Coordinator with Hybrid 360 who you’ll see in the far office in the mobility area.
  • Exciting news—the Tim Horton’s in our complex is officially open. Thank you once again for your patience during the construction. Hopefully our parking lot woes are behind us now!
  • Speaking of exciting, have you noticed the new weight storage racks at the back of the gym? Oh yeah! Jordan, Keegan, Brent, and Mike worked super hard on them so there’s a nice place to sit between lifts. So, please enjoy them while you’re catching your breath!


  • January Event. The Third Occasional Strength and Sweat Challenge took place on January 28th and it was FUN! Thanks to all the teams who came out to participate, and thanks to Keegan for organizing it. All teams battled it out hard and deserve a huge congrats. Special shout out to the winners on “Team Jimmy”!
  • February Event. Hybrid will be participating in the CrossFit Open again this year. It runs from Feb 23 to March 27. Your Hybrid coaches will draft intramural teams, turning the Open into a friendly competition for everyone. Please sign up in the mobility area now, and stay tuned for more info!


  • You know what else has been a huge success and lots of fun at Hybrid? Our weight loss programs! Transformation Camp began on January 9th and we welcomed new participants to the WOW program as well.
  • Our WOW classes have been holding the highest attendance rate of all the classes and the program has grown so much we now offer classes each day of the week!
  • Please join us in congratulating the weight loss program participants who have hit their one year anniversaries within the program. You are truly amazing! To say we’re proud of your accomplishments doesn’t even begin to cover it…