Recreational and Elite CrossFit Programs

Hybrid Fitness has run various performance based programs since 2014. TEAMLDN is our official CrossFit partner. Those who want to push themselves in the gym while learning new skills and making new friends can join the Londinium program! We run morning, afternoon, and evening CrossFit classes for all ability levels as well as an “Academy” for elite fitness athletes who want to be pushed to new heights. Wanna give it a try? Reach out to program directors, Billy and Lacey by hitting the button below.

A little about Londinium CrossFit

At Londinium, we believe that common goals and the pursuit of dedication to not only ourselves but our cohort is the utmost priority. When we support one another through personal, mental, physical and spiritual growth we become stronger together.

We are here to provide athletes of all levels a platform on which to thrive. To feel bound by community and purpose. To recognize that here, at Londinium CrossFit, we are Built Different.