September 14, 2016

Buying Your Way to Health Won’t Work (But THIS Will)

Have you ever wondered why we’re so drawn to quick fixes and magical solutions?

Why are we always going after the shake, the detox, the pill, the potion or the magic diet and exercise regimen that promises rapid results in seemingly insignificant periods of time?


Most people would say you’re just lazy or uncommitted…and I’m here to tell you that just isn’t the case…

Don’t get me wrong—I’m not letting you off the hook by any means, but I am here to tell you that these commonly associated negative traits usually have nothing to do with why we’re constantly seeking one-off solutions that never have and never will work.

So, why are we always trying to
buy ourselves out of the problem into the solution?

The real reason we actively seek out and buy into wasteful, expensive, and ineffective solutions for our health issues is that WE ARE DESPERATE.

We are desperate because we don’t feel like we have control over our health. And when we feel like we don’t have control, we make really stupid decisions.

And this isn’t just in health and fitness, this is in all aspects of life.

Let’s examine this same concept within another topic. When do we tend to make the worst life decisions when it comes to something like finances? When we are stable, in control, and generating lots of income or when we are broke, desperate to generate income, and feeling out of control?

Right…it’s when we’re broke that we panic, we play the lottery, and we come up with harebrained schemes to make money and get ourselves out of paycheck-to-paycheck financial distress.

And when you are looking for quick fixes and buyable solutions to health problems, you are stuck in the same mentality as the broke person is. You’re out of control, you’re desperate, and you’re willing to try some pretty crazy stuff in order to get control back…

But, the good news is that if you can get that feeling of control back using an effective method, you can truly change the state of your health.

So, how do you do that?

Well, I have three steps that I want you start taking up right now, today.

Because those who can apply and follow these three simple steps as often as possible over the next 30 days will see their psychology and health begin to improve and change drastically. 

  • Be honest about your biggest weaknesses, own up to them, and call them out. Actually name them and write them down. Because until you’re honest with yourself about the underlying reasons you’ve been failing all of these years, you can’t possibly turn things around.
  • Stop relying on willpower and start strategizing your way out of your biggest weaknesses or control issues.

Once you understand your weaknesses, you have to strategize around them and have a plan. Believing that tomorrow is going to be different or that you’re going to all of a sudden have the mental strength to block out cravings, that’s a fool’s game. Instead, you need to create an environment that doesn’t allow you to get caught making the same old mistakes.

    • If you sit on the couch and eat chips at night, start avoiding the couch altogether and do something else instead, like going for a walk.
    • Do you tend to overeat during your meals? Start allowing yourself a single plate serving at dinner time and promise yourself you won’t go back for seconds. In fact, don’t even make enough food for seconds when you cook!
    • Does the candy or ice cream call your name at night when no one is around? Throw it all out. If you can’t be trusted with a food, it should not live in your house.
  • Stumble but don’t fall. As you aim to change these habits, you’re going to hit some bumps in the road. A bump is okay but a full face plant is not. 

We tend to justify long periods of poor lifestyle behaviour after a brief lapse in our diet. So, when you indulge, you need to make sure you don’t turn that one piece of pizza into a week-long bender. Before you indulge, promise yourself that you’re going to consume X amount of food or drink, you’re going to savour it, and then you are going to go back into control mode. Plan what you’re going allow yourself and stick to the promise you’ve made to yourself.


The reason you keep falling prey to the tricks and traps of product-based weight loss solutions is not because you’re lazy. It’s because you’ve lost control and you feel desperate to gain it back. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can’t just
buy yourself out of your health problems. It has never worked and it will never work.

But that’s okay because you don’t need to. I just showed you three steps you can use instead to gain that feeling of control back AND make your efforts more effective. The more aware of these three steps you are and the more actively you aim to apply them into your life, the easier they will become until eventually you will reset yourself to a new mode of living.  

The only reason it’s so hard to fix the bad habits you’ve developed is because you have spent so much time and effort creating them in the first place. Now you need to make the equal investment to turn them around. Remember: it doesn’t take more time or effort to create a good habit than it does to create a bad one. You just need to be willing to create the proper mindset and start creating proper, good habits today. So, take these three steps with you, apply them, take back some much needed control, and watch your life start changing today.

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