Pushing you to be better than yesterday

Our coaches are so passionate about fitness, they’ve made it their career..  These highly trained professionals lead our classes and our personal training sessions, and contribute their unique areas of expertise to our programming.  Get to know your coaches, or better yet, come in and meet them.  They’re dedicated to your success and will lead you through the Hybrid Method, and push you to be better than yesterday.


Brian, Strength Coach

Brian is a former competitive hockey player (Brantford 99ers AAA) and CrossFit athlete. He has a BSc in kinesiology, a diploma in health and fitness promotion, and a MSc in epidemiology and biostatistics. He is also a Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM) and holds his CrossFit Level 1 certification. Currently, Brian is an enthusiast of strength and movement—walking that fine line between yogi and meathead!

Meg, Strength Coach

Meg has always been very motivated by physical fitness, being strong, and proving there are no barriers because she can do anything she sets her mind to. In early grade school, she was OBSESSED with monkey bars (and climbing anything and everything!) and that’s truly what started it all. She went on to play basketball for the Banting Broncos and the London 86ers’ travel team. She also ran the 100m and the 4×100 relay, and pole vaulted, for Banting and London Legion Track Alliance (LLTA).


Meg worked as a roofer in Sarnia, and even travelled to Fort McMurray Alberta where she worked as a scaffolding apprenticeship in the Oil Sands. While out West, she completed her Personal Training Certification. Next, she decided to buy a house and move back to her home town of London where she worked at Lululemon before discovering Hybrid Fitness.

Merritt, Strength Coach

Merritt has an impressive gymnastics background. She competed for over 15 years—eight of which were as a provincial level gymnast where she had success at several championships even winning Gold on beam at event Finals. She competed at the Master’s level as well. Merritt was also a National Level6 cheerleader (for PCG Vipers in London) and her team won three consecutive National titles. She is an NCCP Level 3 (National level) Gymnastics coach in Women’s Artistic and has her NCCP Level 2 in Men’s Artistic, and Trampoline. Merritt is a Provincial Level Gymnastics Judge, the current Program Director/ WAG Head Coach at Forest City Gymnastics, and the Founder and Head Coach of Strongnastics.

But that’s not all! Merritt has been a CrossFit athlete since before it was even a sport and has had three Sectionals/Regionals competition experiences. She has also had podium finishes in many Rx and Elite division competitions and attended Provincials in 2014 for Olympic Weightlifting.

Merritt’s main love in life is watching people learn and grow in ways they couldn’t before. Watching an athlete persevere and achieve goals is what inspires her every day and is what keeps her motivated. She loves coaching all types of people and loves that every day is both a new challenge as well as an opportunity to make someone else just a little bit more amazing.

Jordan, Assistant GM

Jordan has lived in Canada, Ireland, and the UK and has done a lot of strange things.  He has been part of improv comedy and musical theatre groups, worked as a barista, owned a Bed and Breakfast, run a landscape construction crew, worked for a wine-importer, coached a golf team, played tennis, badminton, and hockey, and earned a PhD in the History and Philosophy of Science.  His interest in fitness began with endurance sports, but nagging injuries introduced him to the world of strength training.  His own training now incorporates yoga, running, CrossFit, gymnastics, Olympic lifting, as well as regularly learning and playing new sports.  As a coach, Jordan’s goal is to help clients manage heavy loads through large ranges of motion under varying levels of intensity and fatigue.  Jordan believes that strength, control, conditioning, and range of motion are the keys to athletic success and injury prevention.

Dave, Strength Coach & RMT

Dave is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS), and Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) who specializes in the treatment of athletes. In addition, he is an Active Release Technique (ART) provider, a Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specialist (FRCMS), a National Level Olympic Weightlifting Coach (NCCP 2), and is working toward his Precision Nutrition Certification. Dave has been with Hybrid since 2013, founded the Olympic Weightlifting program, and keeps Hybrid’s members strong and healthy through a combination of hard workouts, rehab exercises, and massage therapy. As an athlete, Dave is a 7x national level Olympic Weightlifter, played varsity rugby for McMaster University, and is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu beginner.

Tony, Strength Coach

Tony is a Certified Personal Trainer who also completed the Police Foundations Program at Fanshaw. Tony has a passion for health and fitness and played hockey and soccer prior to attending college. He currently enjoys training in CrossFit five to six times each week and competing locally when the opportunity presents itself. His favorite part about working at Hybrid Fitness is interacting with the people. Fun facts about Tony? He has been pepper sprayed (you’ll have to ask him about it if you want more details), and he loves to travel. To date, he has been to Mexico, Germany, Australia, Vietnam, Thailand and Italy and he hopes to jet off to Columbia, Peru, or any third world country in the very near future.

Eric, Strength Coach

Eric has a love of competing in Olympic weightlifting. He also enjoys watching it so much that he’s travelled to Toronto to watch the Pan American games and to Rio De Janeiro to watch the Olympics. Eric has coached all types of clients and especially likes helping people achieve their goals and pushing them to work hard.

Keegan, Fitness Manager

Keegan grew up playing football, running track, and Tae Kwon Do. He says he was never the superstar, but he loved competing, being active, and pushing his limits. After years of working out on his own, Keegan found his way to into CrossFit in 2012. Since then his interest has shifted from recreation, to competition, to coaching. Keegan moved to London in 2015 and has been part of Hybrid ever since. His coaching style is a balance between having fun, throwing down, and making steady consistent progress.

Mikey, Strength Coach

Mike graduated from Western University in Kinesiology and is a certified pedorthist. He played professional soccer for one season in both Bosnia and Brazil and varsity soccer with UWO. In addition to his work at Hybrid Fitness, he continues to work as a goalkeeper coach in the London area.

Cheri, Strength Coach

Cheri is the mom of three girls, one of whom is a teenager (Cheri says that should count as two!). She has been participating in CrossFit since 2013 and coaching CrossFit since 2014. Cheri has her CrossFit L1 Certificate, and considers herself a lifelong student—attending seminars and clinics with some of the top coaches and athletes in the CrossFit world. She also has a goal of attending as many CrossFit boxes as possible worldwide, and is well on her way (ask her how many she’s travelled to so far). Cheri is a passionate coach who cares about quality movement and progress. She says that “the athletes I coach are like my family”.

Natalie, Wellness Manager

Natalie is a fitness enthusiast who is also an Honours Kinesiology graduate of Western University, a Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Precision Nutrition Coach. She has competed as an International and National Level figure skater for Team Canada, and is currently a competitive Olympic Weightlifter. Natalie has experience with athletes of all ages, and has coached adults, group classes, teams, and weight loss/transformation programs both in Toronto and London. She loves sharing her passion, knowledge and experience in health and fitness with others and is inspired by helping and watching individuals transform not only their bodies but their minds. She believes in self care and understands that every individual must learn how to find a balance in their life that works for them. Natalie loves the community at Hybrid and wants her clients to know that, “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. Life is too short to be anything but happy!”

Rebecca, Manager of PT

Rebecca is a Certified Personal Trainer (Canfitpro Personal Training Specialist) with a degree in Kinesiology from Western University and is working toward her Precision Nutrition Coaching certification. She has an extensive athletics background in rugby, wrestling, volleyball, basketball, track and more. She was a member of the Western varsity rugby and wrestling teams where she earned the distinction of OUA All Star and Academic All Canadian, and represented Ontario winning two National Rugby Championship titles. Rebecca’s involvement in rugby didn’t end there—she’s now a Canadian rugby referee at the national and provincial level and is working towards refereeing higher levels of the sport. Rebecca has worked with all types of clients, coaching boot camp classes, strength and conditioning camps, sports camps, and her one-on-one clients. She says: “Whether you’re a beginner who has never stepped foot in a gym, trying to stay fit and healthy, or are an elite athlete trying to get better in your sport, everyone has their own unique story and goals and I love helping individuals accomplish their goals and reach their potential”.

Sara, Member Ambassador

With a degree in media studies, a diploma in print and broadcast journalism, and a diploma in medical office administration, Sara’s eclectic background has made for an interesting career! Not only has she worked as a patient coordinator in the world of dentistry, she also worked in broadcast television on shows such as So You Think You Can Dance Canada and Cover Me Canada, live music award shows such as the JUNOs and The Geminis, and several Much Music Video Award events. It was an exciting part of Sara’s career, especially working with people like Justin Bieber and Adele to name a few. The excitement and adrenaline of live television forces anyone to work well under high pressure!

Sara’s busy years in television are what led her to fitness, because she realized that her crazy hours could affect her health and happiness long term. She began with CrossFit and eventually decided to focus on Olympic lifting from there. After moving to London in 2014 Sara began at Hybrid Fitness as a member. She worked out at the facility before and after her pregnancy, and feels lucky to have started her career at Hybrid already knowing so many people. Sara says she loves what she does at Hybrid and the greatest part of her role is being able to see truly inspiring people work towards bettering their health every day. If she’s not training in the gym, you’ll find her running after her daughter Maxwell and spending time with her husband Jeremy.

Steph, Strength Coach

Steph brings a strong fitness and athletic conditioning background to the Hybrid team. Her specialties are strength and conditioning, women’s fitness, and pre- and post natal fitness. She holds a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology from Western University, and worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach to the Western Football Team. In addition to her S&C experience, Steph is a Mom and Baby Fitness Instructor and has launched her own company, StrongHer Fitness, dedicated to improving women’s health and body image. She is a part time Instructor at Western U (Kinesiology) and Fanshawe (Fitness & Health Promotion) and will be beginning her PhD in Exercise and Pregnancy in the fall.


Steph’s favourite part of her job? “Watching clients progress to meet and surpass their goals is the best part of my day. Knowing that I had a small part in their accomplishments is an honour.”

Brent, Strength Coach

Brent has been involved in weight training for over 10 years. In 2013, he decided to focus his efforts exclusively on Olympic weightlifting, with the goal of achieving national caliber weights. Within the first year of competition, Brent was able to meet his goal and participate at Nationals in Saskatoon (2014). Since then, Brent has been to every subsequent national senior event, even earning himself a few podium finishes. As a weightlifting coach Brent is constantly trying to fine tune other athletes to help them meet their goals. Those goals can include preparation for a first weightlifting meet, improving numbers, or even meeting provincial or national standards.

Leigh, Strength Coach

Leigh played professional hockey for six years. Prior to turning professional, he played five seasons in the Ontario Hockey League with the Guelph Storm and our own London Knights, featuring in 250 games, where he scored 34 goals and assisted on 50 others whilst being assessed 379 PIM. He is also an MBA graduate of Cardiff Metropolitan University. What first brought Leigh into coaching was the idea of helping the next generation of athletes and giving them guidance about what it takes to reach the next level. However, Leigh loves working with all types of people and helping his clients meet and exceed their personal goals.

Connor, Strength Coach

As a young man Connor transformed his body and realized that exercise is a catalyst for success in all aspects of life. He began training and transformed his physique, athleticism, and confidence. He played varsity rugby for two years, practices jiu-jitsu, and is currently focusing on mobility and movement. Connor wanted to share the amazing benefits he experienced with as many people as possible, so he began studying strength, conditioning, and body composition in 2009. He graduated from Western University in 2017 with a specialized degree in Kinesiology and Fitness Prescription and is now a dedicated and full time personal trainer.

Charlotte, Strength Coach

Charlotte was a national level track field athlete in long jump and sprint hurdles and has coached track and field for the past 7 years. She has a BSc in Kinesiology with a certificate in health and fitness and a MSc in Health and Aging. Since retiring from track and field, Charlotte has taken up rock climbing. She hopes to climb in Europe one day!

Christian, Strength Coach

Christian graduated from the Fitness and Health Promotion program at Fanshawe College and is now a CSEP certified personal trainer and an Active Living – Introduction to Inclusion certified trainer. He is passionate about both learning and teaching, so he continues to work part-time with Fitness and Health Promotion.

Christian has a musical background rather than an athletic one. He played a few sports for fun as a kid but was never part of a team and ended up spending a lot of his time indoors making poor nutrition choices, resulting in an unhealthy lifestyle growing up. Christian’s proudest accomplishment was overcoming his poor health conditions and losing half of his body weight (from 280 pounds down to 140 pounds). Ever since then Christian has become passionate about learning everything he can about fitness. In his own fitness journey, Christian likes to focus on strength and mobility and his goal is to compete in Strongman competitions around Canada.

What drives Christian is helping people achieve their goals and experience the overwhelming joy that comes with self-improvement. He believes every day is an opportunity to improve and truly become better than yesterday.

Rachel, Strength Coach

Rachel has a BMSc in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences/Physiology and is currently completing her MSc in the Neurovascular Research Lab (more physiology). Eons ago (her words, not ours!) she competed as a national power tumbler. She also played several sports in high school and university. Rachel’s favorite thing about coaching is sharing her passion for training and seeing how excited people get when they get better at something they’ve been working on.

Narlon, Strength Coach

Narlon completed his BSc in Physical Education in Brazil. He is currently a PhD student at Western University in the School of Kinesiology where he’s studying the effects of exercise and cognitive training in older adults at risk for dementia. His specialties include exercise training for older adults with multiple health conditions, including hypertension, osteoarthritis and dementia. His hobbies include working out, playing basketball, and writing poetry.

Mike, Strength Coach

Mikael has been competing in weightlifting for seven years. He was the Junior Canadian champion in 2011, participated in the World Junior Championship in 2012, and made the Canadian National Championships from 2010 to 2014. Last season he was ranked top-20 in the Commonwealth. Mikael joined Hybrid as a member last year when he began his M.A. at UWO, specializing in the Philosophy of Sport.

Elsa, Yoga Instructor

Elsa Rose Eastabrook has been practicing, learning from and loving yoga since she was 17 years old, although it was not love at first pose.

Elsa came from a multi-sports background. Her journey into a yoga practice began when her boxing trainers suggested she do yoga as a compliment to the high impact training she was doing for the sport. At first, she loathed this mandatory part of training, but something kept her coming back. Each new milestone in life brought a deeper connection to her practice, a better understanding of how the body works and reacts to things.

After multiple injuries and motherhood took a toll on her body, yoga took front and center in rehab, strengthening better than before. Elsa naturally approached Power Yoga like it was a sport, training, setting goals and passionately pursuing knowledge and understanding the functionality of the practice. Elsa has since become a leading expert in yoga for athletes working with teams and individuals from the national and Olympic levels to casual athletes and general sports enthusiasts.

When she is off her mat, Elsa has two amazing daughters, plays in a band called “hot Jiggle” and works behind the scenes with her husband at Growing Chefs! Ontario.


Kari has a background in sales and marketing. She took some time off from working at a marketing agency to spend more time with her two little boys. Kari fell in love with fitness after having her second baby, and enjoys CrossFit and yoga. She became a member at Hybrid a year and a half before becoming a staff member and says she “loves the Hybrid community—it’s what makes Hybrid so special.” When Kari’s not at the gym you can find her playing with her kids and her lab, Macy; at the cottage where she enjoys swimming and paddle boarding; or skiing down Boler “Mountain”.

Kelly, Strength Coach

Kelly has a passion for fitness, especially gymnastics and movement. She played women’s hockey at Western University for five years as the starting goalie where she was named Western’s favourite female athlete of the year two times. She also represented Canada at the Universiade games in Trentino Italy. Kelly has her commercial pilots licence, a degree in Commercial Aviation Management, and a Major in Criminology. She is currently training for her firefighter fitness testing, while coaching at Hybrid and elsewhere as a goalie coach.

Kira, RMT

Kira was born in London Ontario. She attended the University of Louisville on a rowing scholarship, primarily competing in the 2nd Varsity Eight. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Health and Performance in 2011, Kira shifted her athletic focus to competing in Crossfit and Olympic Lifting.

In 2012 she became employed by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources in northwestern Ontario as a fire ranger of a four member crew, and moved up to a crew boss over the five summers of employment. It was a great experience and a job that allowed for hard work in the summer and the ability to travel during the winter.

After many years of being a competitive rower, weightlifter, and maintaining a highly physical job, Kira’s experienced some repetitive strain injuries. She then became very interested in the role manual therapy has on movement quality and patterns, as well as rehabilitating muscles and soft tissue. Feeling the positive effect massage therapy and other manual therapies had on her own athletic performance, Kira became a registered massage therapist! She loves being able to provide care that helps her clients maintain an active and pain-free lifestyle so they can participate in the activities they enjoy.


Stephanie is from London, Ontario. She enjoys playing sports for fun, loves yoga, and has been participating in Olympic Lifting for almost a year. When she’s not at work, you’ll probably find her with a guitar. She loves playing guitar, especially acoustic.