12-Week Transformation

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12-Week Transformation Program

We tailor your workouts according to your schedule, as well as your goals & interests

We run over 90 classes at Hybrid Fitness per week.  Our sessions are one hour long, fully coached, small group training classes intended to help you: gain energy, strength, and mobility; prevent or manage injury; set and achieve new goals; and improve your overall body composition — all while having fun!

Group sessions are suited to ALL ability levels.  Our expert trainers are there with you every step of the way to provide individualized support.  They will build in progressions for beginner, intermediate, and advanced members on the spot, as well as modifications to troubleshoot around injuries.

Check out the group training classes we offer and then come join in the fun. Try one class type or try them all. Hybrid members love our group training program and get results. We know you will too.

Strength & Sweat

Our strength and conditioning classes will help you build strength and muscle, learn to move, restore your joints, control your body, increase range of motion, and of course get sweaty!

During the first 30 minutes of class your coach will focus on a slower tempo, deliberate movement pattern such as squat, hinge, push, and pull. The second 30 minutes of class is conditioning! We’ll increase the intensity and use larger muscle groups to get that heart rate up. We’ll also add in some scored challenges for those of you with a competitive nature. But remember: our motto is “Better Than Yesterday” so the person you’re competing with is you!

If you are new to exercising or new to Hybrid Fitness, we suggest you begin with our Strength and Sweat classes where the goal is steady progress at the right pace, for every level.  


Like the name suggests, this is your chance to sweat!  Your coach will get your heart rate up and keep you working out for a full hour.  Sweat classes include short interval workouts, longer endurance workouts, and everything in between.  Members who attend sweat classes can expect to see improvements in body composition and energy.

If you are new to exercising or new to Hybrid Fitness, we suggest you begin with our Strength and/our Sweat classes where the goal is steady progress at the right pace, for every level.


Strength classes teach you the essentials of weight training in a fun and educational environment. You’ll spend one full hour learning to move and control your body, restore your joints, and build strength. Your coach will focus on a different athletic movement pattern each day, including squatting, hinging, pushing, and pulling. Members who attend strength classes can expect to see gains in strength, resilience, fat loss and injury prevention or management.

If you are new to exercising or new to Hybrid Fitness, we suggest you begin with our Strength and/or Sweat classes where the goal is steady progress at the right pace, for every level.  


CrossFit is a branded fitness regimen in which different functional movements are executed at high intensity. So, consider this class a more high-intensity version of Strength and Sweat. It includes a mixture of Weightlifting, gymnastics, and strength and conditioning, in a fun, competitive environment. Compete against yourself and your peers.

You don’t need to be headed to the CrossFit Games to fall in love with this exciting and competitive class. If you’re enjoying Strength and Sweat and are ready for a new set of challenges, give CrossFit a try!


Weightlifting or Olympic Weightlifting is a competitive sport in which the athletes master three movements—the Snatch, the Clean, and the Jerk. Our coaches will help you become skilled at these challenging movements, along with the strength training techniques that are required to perfect them.   

If you’re new to Olympic Lifting and wish to see if it’s something you enjoy our Hybrid Barbell (Recreation) class is a great place to start. The Hybrid Barbell (All Levels) class is open to everyone.  


Ready for something a little different? Gymnastics is playful, challenging, fun, and rewarding. It’s unlike any other class in town.

Whether you want to hone your gymnastic skills for CrossFit, improve your flexibility and balance, or just teach your body to do something new, this is the class for you!


Mobility class is challenging, fun, rewarding and will leave you feeling great. The focus is on active recovery, meaning the class is restorative rather than taxing. You’ll learn the fundamentals of many movement practices that build a strong, resilient, injury-free body that’s ready to perform. Whether you want to hone your gymnastic skills for CrossFit or just improve your body’s ability to move, this is the class for you.

Women's Only

Women’s Only Classes at Hybrid are one hour long, fully coached group training sessions that have been designed specifically for women. They’re a mix of strength and conditioning movements which are adjusted on the spot by your coach to suit your individual needs and abilities. These classes are fun and effective. But beware: the absolute best part of Women’s Only isn’t even the improved fitness, strength, body composition, and confidence you’ll enjoy. It’s being a part of the wonderfully supportive group of women who encourage and inspire each other every single class! If you’re a woman of any age or ability level who wants to get fit and have fun, these classes are for you.


Hybrid’s yoga classes follow a unique approach called Power Yoga for Sports (PYFS)—a technique originally developed to help athletes combat the tremendous stress placed on their bodies. In addition to strength and flexibility work, PYFS focuses on injury prevention. Come and try a class led by Elsa Rose Eastabrook, the first Canadian to be certified in this elite yoga method. Your body will thank you.